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Are you facing a drainage emergency? Do you want a team that you can trust? Here at Util-Serve Ltd we have a team of dedicated drainage engineers who are ready and waiting to help you. With years of experience within the industry, we can inspect, problem solve and repair all drainage systems. Using only the very best tools & equipment you can expect a quality service every time.

Covering from East to West, we supply the central belt of Scotland with drainage solutions.


At Util-Serve Ltd we supply a range of different solutions for any and all drainage problems. Using our expert knowledge and years worth of experience within the industry, we can advise you on your best options and explain the reasons behind this. Our aim is to give you the information you need to make an informed decision and let you decide what is the best option for you.

Our team can supply you with a range of different repair options. Find out more about each and how they work:


This is where our team will feed a lining throughout the system to the affected area, expanding it and allowing it to stick to the sides of the pipe. Doing this will cover up any gaps or bursts and allow for the drainage water to flow smoothly throughout the system. Resin Lining is an incredible option as it doesn't involve any excavation and can be carried out with minimal stress.

Pipe Excavations

Using our CCTV system our engineers will find the cause of the problem and the exact section of pipe that needs replacing. Our trained professional will then excavate the section, in the safest manner possible, and then replace this section with a durable new section of pipe.

We don't just offer repairs through this method, our team can either amend a current system or install a completely new one for your property, tailoring it to meet your needs.

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drain survey


Here at Util-Serve Ltd we use the latest and best equipment to diagnose and find the cause of any drainage problem you have. One of the devices we use is a CCTV system which allows our team to feed a camera throughout, checking the interior walls of the pipe and find what is causing the problem.  By doing this we are able to show you exactly what is the problem,  what has caused it and how we plan to implement the solution.


After we have carried out an inspection of the drainage system our experts can then set about solving your problem. One of the most common causes of the drainage system backing up is something blocking a section of pipe. Using highly pressurised jets of water we can clear this blockage without damaging the piping and allow the water to run smoothly throughout.


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Here at Util-Serve Ltd we have years of experience within the industry, learning and developing our process to give you the very best service possible.


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